How To Take This Course

So here's my advice to you on how to take this course...

In this course I'm sharing with you my secrets to success on YouTube. And I want you to look at each of the secrets that I share in each of the 12 modules as a roadmap - a roadmap to success on YouTube.

Each step points you in the direction that you need to go in order to reach your final destination of making thousands and thousands of dollars on YouTube, just like I have.

And it's important - if you want to reach that final destination - that you completely follow the direction of each and every step as it's been given.

Of course, you can your own knowledge or skill or whatever you have in you to each step. But it's critical that you don't take away from anything that I'm teaching you in this course.

I am giving you direction. I'm telling you which way to go to make money on YouTube. And if you choose to only use part of the directions that I've given you, then you won't make it to the final destination where I'm guiding you to.

You have to follow each of these steps I've provided as closely as you would follow a map to a stack of cash.

So when I say you 'Covering The Controversy' is what's going to get you views on YouTube. Then you have to take that advice and go in the direction where I'm leading you, in order to get the result that I'm leading you to - which is money in your pocket!

And when I give you my strategy on how to get the required 4,000 hours of watch time - it's important that you take that strategy and put it into action. If you just listen or read about the strategy but don't actually do it - then you might not get the result that we both want for you - which is thousands of hours of views and thousands of dollars in YouTube earnings.

This course is not to be taken lightly. And each step is not to be taken as optional. Following each step is CRUCIAL in getting to where I'm leading you.

I'm not with you in person to make sure that you follow the direction I've given you in each of these modules. But I trust that you will trust me to lead you to where you want to go. And if you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected]